Welcometo Mentoor Application

What is mentoor

Mentoor mainly focuses on sharing knowledge between participants.

The application has tracks list, but with a different approach than other tracks.

Instead of one person creates a track with certain topics, all users can write in that topic so more knowledge is acquired.

For full details in depth, have a look at the following guide video.

Why mentoor

Let's see what you will get from being a mentoor member.

  • You'll learnfrom others.
  • You'llhelp others!
  • You'll learn how tosearch.
  • You'll learn how towritecode properly.
  • You'll learn how towriteEnglish properly.
  • You'll learn how towrite documentationproperly.
  • You'll learn how torefactoryour code properly.
  • You'll learn how toenhance your search skills.
  • You'll learn how tobe a teamwork player properly.
  • You'll learn how toorganizeyour code properly.
  • You'll learn how toshareinformation with others.
  • You'll learnnew thingsthat you don't even know it's existing!
  • You'llget challengedwith things you barely know how to use it!
  • You'llbe on a certain learning trackthus you'll not get lost in the middle of the road!
  • You'llbe guidedby a mentoor who will review and refine your answers and code!
  • You'llearn real money and other cool rewards!

How it works

This application was designed to make you help and get help from/to other people instead of just asking.

You share your knowledge here by answeringquests in the academy.

Also you'll see how other people think about same subject and gain from their experience regarding certain topics.

What you should know before getting started.

Markdownsyntax is your mate here, you should know how to write markdown syntax so your answers become more organized.

Mastering markdownis a great article to kick off with.

Don't forget to read aboutwriting notesbefore starting the quest.

Where to start from

First and foremost, you should be dealing withProgramming Basics (PB)track, either you're already familiar with programming basics or you're a fresh one.

But why should i start with it even if i already know the basics?

Actually you'll get surprised that you really don't know it as you think!

You'll read again about everything in that track with a good eye component time, but also you'll search in depth to see more details about it, Object.get(why, '...Because') you'll write about it in detailsusing your own words and understanding of the topicso you need to read with bigger focus component time.

Also, you should be aware of theMarkdown syntaxas was illustrated earlier, you'll need to know it because all of your answer must be written in that format.

How to obtain gold

You can get gold by the following:

What can you buy with gold

You can obtain any of the following for gold:

?coinsAsk for help from Mentor, based on Mentor pricing
3,000,000coinsRequest for online course.
4,000,000coinsObtain $5.
8,000,000coinsPurchase course from Udemy within $20
8,000,000coinsPurchase any item from Envato market within $20
15,000,000coinsObtain $20
20,000,000coinsPurchase course from Udemy within $40
20,000,000coinsPurchase any item from Envato market within $40
29,000,000coinsObtain $40

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