Restaurant Web Application using React, Typescript, Mongez and Vite
Hasan Zohdy
Hasan Zohdy
Jul 22
React Js Interview Questions
Intermediate Level
Restaurant Web Application using React, Typescript, Mongez and Vite

About the workshop

This workshop will guide you through a mid-long-term journey to develop a real-world restaurant web application as if it is for a real client. You will learn how to build a web application from scratch using the latest web technologies and best practices. You will also learn how to work with a team of developers and designers to build a real-world web application.

What will you learn from this workshop?

You will learn so many things, soft and technical skills are for sure, let's see some of these benefits

  1. How to make your good search for a new business idea project.

  2. How to properly analyze business requirements and validate them.

  3. How to review and criticize the UX design provided for the project.

  4. How to build a solid structure system for your project in files, folders and design system as well.

  5. How to work with a team and be efficient.

  6. How to make good documentation for your project.

What is the technical stuff you will learn as well

Well, there will be a lot to learn, like:

  1. Using Vite to develop React App.

  2. Using Typescript Properly with React Projects.

  3. Using Mantine for Project UI.

  4. Using Local and Session Storage properly using Mongez Cache.

  5. Validate User Auth and work with current user data during app life cycle.

  6. Form Validation and Submission using Mongez React Form

  7. Call API Requests using Axios and Mongez Http.

  8. Use State Management Using React Atom.

  9. I18n for translation using Mongez Localization

  10. scss modules, styled components for styling.

  11. Lazy modules, shared layouts and middleware between routes using Mognez React Router

  12. Use Built in React hooks properly, use packages hooks and create our own hooks.

And many more...


For each participant that completes the workshop, will earn 5 Diamonds and 50,00 Gold


Following simple rules will make everything good for you.

  1. Do not perform any harassments with the workshop participants.

  2. Attending the online session is a MUST!

  3. Delivering tasks at the agreed time.

The task deadline will be flexible as some of participants may have actual work, they already are in.

Techs you should be good with before joining this workshop

  1. HTML

  2. React Js

  3. CSS

  4. Javascript

  5. Typescript Basics.

  6. ES6 Classes, arrow functions, Promises, asnyc/await.

Techs is recommended that you're aware of

  • SCSS

  • Styled Components

  • Created some React js projects

Starts AtFriday, August 18, 2023
Ends AtSaturday, November 18, 2023
Session TimesEvery Saturday 07:00PM to 10:00 PM
Duration91 Days
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