Restaurant Nodejs App, Using Typescript, MongoDB and Warlock
Hasan Zohdy
Hasan Zohdy
Jul 31
Intermediate Level
Restaurant Nodejs App, Using Typescript, MongoDB and Warlock

About the workshop

This workshop will guide you to build a fully optimized and well performant API application Using MongoDB as Database and Mongez Warlock as App manager.

What you'll learn

Well, there will be many to get learn from, let's list some of it:

  1. How to build a proper database structure.

  2. How to design project structure.

  3. How to analyze project requirements.

  4. How to use Events to perform background processes.

  5. Using Nodejs with Typescript.

  6. Using MongoDB and writing efficient queries.

  7. Database documents Syncing.

  8. Uploading to AWS.

  9. Auth System with Social Login Auth

  10. Grouping Routes and using Middleware.

  11. Sending Mails.

  12. Built a production build.


  1. Nodejs Basics.

  2. Typescript Basics.

  3. MongoDB Basics.

  4. Read and try MonPulse Documentation.

  5. ES6 Classes, Async/Await, Promises, Arrow Functions and rest of other ES6 features.

  6. ESM (How to use import statements).

  7. You must WATCH this playlist before the workshop starts as it will give you significant experience before joining the workshop.

  8. You must have enough time for the workshop as it will take a massive time cut of your day.

  9. And a microphone for the online sessions of course.

Starts AtFriday, August 18, 2023
Ends AtSaturday, November 18, 2023
Session TimesEvery Saturday 07:00PM - 10:00 PM
Duration91 Days
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