E-commerce Application Using React, Tailwind CSS, and Mongez
Hasan Zohdy
Hasan Zohdy
May 22
React Js
Intermediate Level
E-commerce Application Using React, Tailwind CSS, and Mongez

About the workshop

This workshop will teach you how to create a robust, real-world e-commerce application using React and Tailwind CSS.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Project Structure:How to set up a proper project structure.

  • UI Frameworks: What are the available UI frameworks and its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Popular Packages and its alternatives: we'll go through popular packages and see their pros and cons and what are their alternatives.

  • TypeScript:How to use TypeScript, even if you're a beginner.

  • API Integration:How to work with APIs effectively.

  • Form Handling:How to manage form submissions and validations.

  • Localization:How to handle multiple languages in your application.

  • Routing:How to manage routes using Mongez React Router.

  • State Management:State management with React Atoms, offering a performance-efficient alternative to Redux with less code.

  • Authentication:How to implement user authentication and social login.

  • Styling:How to work with Tailwind CSS, SCSS, and CSS/SCSS modules.

  • Code Splitting:How to use lazy loading for code splitting.

  • Custom Hooks:How to create and utilize custom hooks in your project.

  • DIY: We will not just use some packages, we will remove some of them and write some code by ourselves.


  • React Knowledge:Familiarity with React and React Hooks.

  • Styling Experience:Experience with CSS or similar preprocessors, as the focus will be on project structure and logic rather than UI design.

Starts AtSaturday, June 01, 2024
Ends AtSaturday, August 31, 2024
Session TimesEvery Saturday/Tuesday 09:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Duration91 Days